What is Dental Insurance?

A health and wellness plan designed to pay a portion of costs associated with preventive, minor, and some major dental care.


Plan Rules:

•Eligibility: All full-time employees working 20+ hours/week, spouse, children (up to age 26)
• Coverage though MetLife- Group ID# 5953445
• Claims must be submitted within 90 days of service
• In-Network Provider Directory: (Network: PDP Plus)
• Orthodontics available for Adults & Children (subject to takeover provision)
• The chart below is a sample of covered services. Please see Plan Certificate for a detailed listing of services in
their entirety. Plan Certificate available on your Employee Benefits website.

Contact Campus Benefits help with filing a claim.

1 (866) 433-7661

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Phone: 866-433-7661 option 5

Fax: 770-394-0333

The Morgan County Benefit Portal is provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual benefits, services, premiums, claims processes and all other features and plan designs for coverage offered are governed exclusively by the provider contract and associated Summary Plan Description (SPD).