What is Disability Insurance?

A health and wellness plan designed to provide for periodic payments of benefits when you are unable to work. This coverage is designed to replace a percentage of your gross income on a tax-free basis should illness keep you from earning an income in your occupation.

Plan Rules:

•Eligibility: All full-time employees working 20+ hours/week
• Coverage through Mutual of Omaha
• Employee must be actively at work on the effective date
• Employee can start and stop using sick leave to get through the elimination period
• No health questions - EVERY YEAR!

How to File a Telephonic Claim

  1. Contact Mutual of Omaha at 800.877.5176

  2. Select Option 2

  3. Select Option 1


The Mutual Team sets up the claim and assigns it to a claims specialist.

The claims specialist verifies:
• Eligibility based on the contract
• All necessary documents have been received
• Payroll information, which may be requested from your employer
• Special handling/customized claims processing information


Follow-up contact is initiated by the claims analyst as follows:
• If a claim is pending, check-in calls are made weekly
• If a claim is approved, check-in calls are made every other week
• If a claim is denied, the claims specialist calls you to ensure all documentation and records have been received and to discuss the decision

If you need further assistance, please reach us here - mybenefits@campusbenefits.com

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