What is Disability Insurance?

A type of coverage that replaces a portion of your income if injury or illness prevents you from working. It provides financial security for you and any loved ones who may depend on your ability to earn a paycheck. You may also hear disability insurance referred to as disability income insurance or income protection.

Plan Rules:

•Eligibility: All full-time employees working 20+ hours/week
• Coverage through Mutual of Omaha
• Employee must be actively at work on the effective date
• Employee can start and stop using sick leave to get through the elimination period
• No health questions - EVERY YEAR! (Short Term Disability ONLY)

• Health Questions may be required after the initial enrollment period (Long Term Disability ONLY)


Contact Campus Benefits help with filing a claim.

Phone: 1 (866) 433-7661 option 5

Email: MyBenefits@campusbenefits.com

How to File a Telephonic Claim

  1. Contact Mutual of Omaha at 800.877.5176

  2. Select Option 2

  3. Select Option 1


The Mutual Team sets up the claim and assigns it to a claims specialist.

The claims specialist verifies:
• Eligibility based on the contract
• All necessary documents have been received
• Payroll information, which may be requested from your employer
• Special handling/customized claims processing information


Follow-up contact is initiated by the claims analyst as follows:
• If a claim is pending, check-in calls are made weekly
• If a claim is approved, check-in calls are made every other week
• If a claim is denied, the claims specialist calls you to ensure all documentation and records have been received and to discuss the decision